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5. NewsletterSeptember 08, 2019

Hello everyone! We’ve been quite busy since last time. Here’s a short look at what we’ve been up to this past month and a half: Laboratory In the lab we’ve been optimizing the production of the antibody-fragments with the non-canonical amino acid insert we’re after. We’ve also been affirming the efficiency of the modified antibody to bind to our surface in comparison with conventional antibodies…

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Whats up in the lab!July 16, 2019

We are advancing a lot at the moment. We finally were able to complete our work with GFP-TAG-RFP, a biobrick BBa_K567018, which was a real pain to work with. However, the work really paid off and we were able to get good results from that line. Our GFP-TAG-RFP controls. A fusion protein of GFP and RFP and a linker with TAG-stop codon inserted between. If the cells are capable of amber suppression…

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4. NewsletterJuly 05, 2019

HELLO! Laboratory Past couple of weeks we have faced some difficulties. We have spent countless hours in the lab planning our next move and we eventually managed to achieve our goal: we got fluorescent colonies! This means we can finally continue to work towards our other targets. Events Our access to a couple of events was confirmed! We are going to participate at least in Symposium and Shift…

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3. NewsletterJuly 04, 2019

Hello! Lab work has now properly started since we managed to get most of the equipment and reagents that we need. Cell culturing is going well, which means that soon we can start to do the exciting stuff! We are also advertising our team and idea in all events possible, so this week a couple of our members participated in Life Science Live. Life Science Live We conquered the Turun Messukeskus with…

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2. NewsletterJuly 03, 2019

Hello, now that the 1st of May has been properly celebrated, we are getting back to work. We are starting our laboratory work and planning for science education events. In addition to this, we are going to put up a stand in the Life Science Live affair in Turku on 15th to 16th May. Also, lots have been done and happened last month, so we’ll give you a short summary of some of the most important…

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1. NewsletterJune 30, 2019

Hello, we have now started writing newsletters to keep you updated on us and there is a lot to update on. First we would like to let you know that we had to change our team name from GemTurku to Aboa. However, our group association is still GemTurku ry. We are now officially registered to iGEM competition We have now registered and paid the fee to the competition, so there is no going back. We are…

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To Hel and back again!May 07, 2019

We were kindly invited to meet our fellow iGEM team from Helsinki at 30th of March. The day started with a road trip with a group of five Aboa team members. We had a so much fun already during the two hour drive via Helsinki-Turku highway. When we reached Helsinki, our first task was to find Helsinki University library, Kaisa. This took us country dwellers way too much time to find :D When we…

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We're live!April 11, 2019

Aboa is proud to present our new website! Check out the team profiles to learn who we are and come back to read more about our team and exploits.

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