Project 2021

iGEM Aboa

iGEM Aboa 2021 is a team from the University of Turku competing in the international synthetic biology competition iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine). The objective of the iGEM is to carry out a research project that solves a current problem using the tools of synthetic biology. Our team is multidisciplinary; it is composed of students studying biomedicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry and health technology at both bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. The students have full responsibility for the planning, implementation and funding of the project.

The project is on its final straight and you can check out our comprehensive work at our wiki page!

Our project

The aim of the iGEM Aboa 2021 project is to aid the situation of the Baltic Sea by contributing to the development of a microbial wastewater treatment system for the degradation of pharmaceutical waste. We will particularly focus on the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac, which causes major environmental stress when released into bodies of water. Our project will involve the degradation of diclofenac to a less harmful compound through the synthetic production of laccase enzymes in modified microbes.

Our collaborations

We have established a collaboration with the iGEM team from the University of Chicago, who are also applying the degrading function of laccases to wastewater treatment of pharmaceuticals. In addition, we are looking for other partners to enable the implementation of our project. If you are interested in a collaboration with us, please contact us through the email address provided on the bottom of the page.

iGEM Aboa in Media

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