To Hel and back again!

We met with the iGEM-team from Helsinki!

We were kindly invited to meet our fellow iGEM team from Helsinki at 30th of March. The day started with a road trip with a group of five Aboa team members. We had a so much fun already during the two hour drive via Helsinki-Turku highway.

When we reached Helsinki, our first task was to find Helsinki University library, Kaisa. This took us country dwellers way too much time to find :D When we finally found AaltoHelsinki team, we had a few presentations about our ideas and then we got precious help from iGEM alumni about what to do and especially what not to do during our journey to Boston.

Fanni and water

Fanni is enjoying the views at the Clarion Hotel sky bar

After the formal stuff was over, we headed to the city for a small sight seeing in the Clarion Hotel sky bar. They had great drinks and we could see the whole city from there! Then we continued to Manala restaurant and had tasty pizza and burgers and got to know each other in a relaxed environment. The late night continued at a bar where we had some more to drink and had a blast. After a long day we stayed at a hotel in the city center for a much needed sleep.