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Aboa Newsletter September 8th 2019

Hello everyone! We’ve been quite busy since last time. Here’s a short look at what we’ve been up to this past month and a half:


In the lab we’ve been optimizing the production of the antibody-fragments with the non-canonical amino acid insert we’re after. We’ve also been affirming the efficiency of the modified antibody to bind to our surface in comparison with conventional antibodies.


Team Aboa has gained a lot of visibility lately.

In mid-August, the other iGEM team from Finland, team Aalto-Helsinki, came to Turku to hang out with us. We learned more about each other’s projects, exchanged ideas and showed them the night life of Turku – great fun!

In late August, our team participated in the annual BioCity Symposium, where we had a poster presenting our team and our work to scientists and potential sponsors. The same week some of our team members also participated in the Shift Business Festival, this year held at Ruissalon Telakka. It was a two-day event filled with keynote speeches, workshops and much more, all in the company of people everywhere from the business, technology and science world.

September (and the new academic year) started off with the Opening Carnival organized by University of Turku and its student union. Representatives from Team Aboa were of course on sight, ready to give out candies, flyers and business cards to new students and spread the word about iGEM.

This September, our team also had the great opportunity to participate in the University of Turku’s campus radio show Syssyradio! This was much fun for our team members who got to appear for a while during the two-day campus radio broadcast.

This is all for now, hope you’re having a great autumn so far. We’ll be in the middle of planning our Boston trip from now on and will be back shortly with more updates!

Best regards,

Team Aboa


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