Aboa Team

The Aboa team is comprised of students of several disciplines. We are enthusiastic about participating in research to develop the next generation of biotechnical innovation.

Fanni Suomi

Fanni is interested in diagnostics and assay development. She's participating in both wet and dry lab work.

Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics / University of Turku

Gustav Malmström

Gustav participates in Marketing and fundraising. Will not be working in the lab during the summer.

Second year economy student in Handelshögskolan at Åbo Akademi University / Åbo Akademi University

Fanny Sundqvist

During the spring and summer of 2019 I along with my team members visited some of the companies (that we begged for money), met with the university rectors (and asked for more money), assisted with writing the research plan and sometimes popped into the lab to do some wet lab work. The rest of the time I tried to learn html (somewhat successfully) and apply those hard-earned skills towards making our team wiki look presentable.

Biochemistry / Åbo Akademi University

Janniina Karinsalo

In iGEM she has been taking care of the task management, while helping our science wizard to plan and execute lab work.

Biotechnology / University of Turku

Jutta Lindfors

Jutta participates in lab work during summer and raising money together with Linnea.

Biotechnology / University of Turku

Linnea Korhonen

Linnea participates in lab work and raising money.

Biotechnology / University of Turku

Oskari Läntinen

Oskari is participating in fundraising and lab work during summer

Bioinformatics / University of Turku

Pyry Niemelä

Pyry is responsible of the research idea for this year. As such, he is also responsible for planning and implementation of the lab work. He was also appointed as the treasurer of the team.

Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics / University of Turku

Riku Pihlaja

Riku’s task in iGEM is to participate in raising money during spring and work in the lab during summer.

2nd year medical student and bachelor's degree in biotechnology / University of Turku

Robin Kåll

Robin is participating in planning the research, and will also be spending time in the wet lab during the summer.

Cell and molecular biology / Åbo Akademi University

Susanna Peltonen

Susanna takes part in marketing team and does all sorts of task from photography to lab work.

Chemistry / University of Turku

Ville Vapa

Ville plays part in research and administrative work. He’s participating in both wet and dry lab work.

Biotechnology / University of Turku