Aboa Team 2021

In 2021, the Aboa team is comprised of students of several disciplines. We are enthusiastic about participating in research to develop the next generation of biotechnical innovation.

Jenni Vuorio

Chemistry, B.Sc.

Head of Finance

Julia Pyysalo

Biotechnology, BSc(tech)

Head of social media and company collaboration

Juuli Hietarinne

Biomedicine, BSc

Active team member

Laura Hamdi

Chemistry, MSc

Head of human practices

Malin Eriksson

Biochemistry, BSc

Student team leader, Head of wet lab

Milja Lempinen

Digital Health, M.Sc.(tech)

Head of IT

Tiia Ylikangas

Chemistry, MSc

Student team leader

Vili Niinikoski

Biomedicine, BSc

Active team member

Waltteri Hatulainen

Biochemistry, BSc

Head of visual design

Primary Instructor: Pauli Kallio (UTU)

Advisor: Hariharan Dandapani (UTU)